Workplace Health Champion Training

Workplace Health Champion Training

Our Health and Wellbeing team have been very busy recently training ‘Health Champions’ for various workplaces across Northern Ireland. Once trained, each Health Champion can advise, facilitate and act as a health ambassador for their organisation with an overall goal of developing and promoting a healthy workplace for all staff members.

The role of the health champion includes:

  • Promoting the workplace health and wellbeing programme.
  • Being passionate about workplace health and wellbeing.
  • Leading by example.
  • Knowing and promoting the key health promotion messages.
  • Contacting Health Matters if you have any support needs.
  • Ensuring the programme meets everyone’s needs.
  • Encouraging the provision of a healthy environment, information on health and wellbeing and development of policies and procedures that enable staff to make healthier choices.


Benefits of Health Champion Training

The one-day course provides a wealth of benefits to those individuals being trained. In addition, these benefits are promoted throughout the organisation by each Health Champion. These benefits include:

  • Basic health and wellbeing knowledge.
  • Core communication skills.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Confidence to share knowledge and assist colleagues in improving their health and wellbeing.
  • Skills to build successful health champions simultaneously benefiting both employee and employer.


In total, we have trained 131 Health Champions in 2017 with extremely positive feedback. Some of the comments from our recent Health Champions are below:

‘Fantastic and informative day.’ Anna

‘ The training was focused, inclusive and extremely informative. I have taken so much from this training day. ’ Leigh

‘Really enjoyable and thought-provoking day! Nikki made the day very worthwhile and I will be sharing all of the learning with the office!’ Naomi


The Workplace Health Champion training course is a one-day course provided to organisations as part of a Public Health Agency funded service. Additionally, we can provide this as a standalone service in your workplace.


If you would like to hear more about this or to register your interest in this course, please contact us now at or call us on (028) 3025 6482.