Limited funding available from Princes Trust for training to help you get back in to work

Funding available for training

Limited funding available from Princes Trust for training to help you get back in to work

The Princes Trust, a local charity set up to help unemployed young people find work has funding available for training to help you get back to work. If you are aged 25-30 and unemployed, you can receive FREE CSR training and First Aid Training, which may help you get back into work!

How can CSR training help you?

The 1 day Construction Skills Register (CSR) Health and Safety Training Scheme is aimed at all construction personnel including new entrants, to ensure you have a basic knowledge of Health and Safety to comply with relevant legislation. This training will also make you aware of the inherent dangers on construction sites.

Completion of the training and successful occupational assessment means you will be registered with the Construction Federation and will obtain a CSR card. This CSR card will allow you to work on a building site.

The best part is, this will be fully funded by the Princes Trust, saving you £110! Our next available CSR course is Friday 2nd February in our Belfast training site.

Funding for First Aid Training

We can also offer First Aid Training which is useful to have not only in the work place but also for everyday life- you never know when it could come in useful! First aid is a particular skill set that doesn’t show its true value until an emergency situation presents itself but which is highly valued by employers.  Whether you wish to work with children, the elderly or vulnerable, or even the general public, first aid skills can be applied to a range of workplaces. They are also beneficial to have if you intend to apply for a job in manufacturing or other industries where hazards are common.

Health Matters offers a range of first aid courses including a 1-day Emergency First Aid and 3-Day First Aid at Work. These courses will be fully funded by the Princes Trust saving you up to £190

To avail of funded training, please contact Lisa at The Princes Trust on 02895905362 or visit the website….don’t forget to reference Health Matters when booking!