World Heart Day 2018

World Heart Day 2018

Did you know in Northern Ireland, 36% of all adult deaths are caused by Cardiovascular Disease and 1 in 9 people are living with chest, heart or stroke conditions? 80% of which can be prevented through simple lifestyle changes. Health Matters encourages you this World Heart Day to take steps to help improve both your lifestyle and heart health.

This World Heart Day, why not show your heart some love by following our top tips!

Top Tips to Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

  • Stop smoking – Smoking is one of the main causes of Cardiovascular Disease. After going one-year cigarette free, your heart attack risk is half that of a smoker. Click here to visit the smoke free website for help quitting.
  • Moderate Alcohol Intake – It is recommended that both men and women consume no more than 14 units a week. Click here to find out your alcohol intake risk by taking the Alcohol MOT.
  • Keep physically active – Adults should aim to do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity a week. In addition, aim to do 2 days of muscle-strengthening activities. A popular way to increase activity is by tracking daily steps with a fitness watch or using a smartphone. Why not set yourself a challenge to aim for 10,000 a day?
  • Eat a balanced diet – Focus on increasing fruit and vegetable intake and reducing added sugar, fat and salt. For more tips on eating well click here.
  • Manage your stress levels – know your triggers and take steps to reduce your stress to optimise your wellbeing. For more tips and support click here.


How Healthy is your heart? 

Take the Heart age test now to find out: 

  • What your heart age is compared to your real age
  • Why it’s important to know your blood pressure and cholesterol numbers
  • Advice on how to reduce your heart age


Show Your Heart Some Love

Health Matters can provide the following heart checks for you or your workforce:

  • Blood Pressure Checks– This is measured by placing a cuff on the arm. The measurement indicates the pressure in the arteries when the heart beats, rests and number of heart beats per minute.
  • Cardiac Risk Assessment– This assesses your risk of having a heart attack or stroke over the next ten years.
  • Cholesterol Checks– This involves obtaining a small sample of blood from an the finger. The test indicates the risk of cardiovascular disease and other serious health conditions.
  • Body Composition Analysis– This is carried out using bioelectric impedance and involves standing barefoot on the analyser. Results for weight, fat-free mass, body fat mass, total body water, visceral fat, metabolic age and BMR are provided.


Show your workplace some love today. Why not host healthy heart checks within your workplace or drop in to our Belfast premises. Contact us via the enquiry form, email at or phone (028) 9002 0044.