Bespoke eLearning Development

We at Health Matters have a passion for all things learning!  


Our team have perfected the ability to combine subject area expertise in health, safety and wellbeing, with eLearning software development. 


We can work in partnership with you and your organisation to gain an understand of your workforce learning needs, to identify the best-fit solution and deliver powerful, engaging online eLearning content. 

How do we go about developing bespoke eLearning products?

We appoint a project manager to work closely with our client to determine their exact needs. 


This involves obtaining information on: 

  • What exactly they require, and why 
  • The intended audience, their specific needs and preferred learning approach 


When we are clear on exactly what is required, our subject specialists and eLearning developers will work to develop an e-course with the right mix of content and pitched perfectly for the intended audience. The ultimate outcome will be to equip the target audience with the necessary skills to work effectively in the target area and meet specific company requirements. 


We can include a whole host or organisation specific media such as policy documentation, risk assessments, photographs, videos, and scenarios. 

What type of ‘bespoke’ courses are commonly purchased?

The possibilities are endless!!! 


We can develop bespoke versions of any of our ‘readymade’ courses. A basic example would be incorporating organisation specific policy, and procedures into our ‘off the shelf’ fire safety awareness eLearning course. 


Alternatively, we can develop courses, programmes, or inductions from scratch. Common ones include: 


  • Employee onboarding programmes 
  • Induction courses for visitors, contractors and or employees 
  • Health and safety courses addressing site specific hazards 

How are the course hosted, and who manages enrolments, progress reporting and the issuing of certificates etc…?

As the client you have full power over this decision! 


For a small monthly administration fee, we can host the course on our Learning Managements System and take responsibility for undertaking tasks such as enrolment, the generation of progress reports and the issuing of certification. 


Alternatively, many organisations utilise their own Learning Management System (LMS) for workplace learning and development. In such instances, we can provide you with what is known as a ‘SCORM’ file to embed this into your system and provide you with full control. 

What are the associated costs?

For our ‘bespoke’ courses, as much as we would like to offer a fixed price, there is no ‘one size fits all’ offering. We would need to assess your requirements to understand how we can help. After that, we can offer you a comprehensive solution that will include the timeframe and budget based on the project scope. 


To obtain costings or to request a non-committal ‘bespoke’ course scoping exercise please contact us via email at [email protected]