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Ready-Made & Bespoke Health & Safety eLearning Courses

We at Health Matters have a passion for all things learning! Our team has perfected the ability to combine expertise in health, safety and wellbeing with eLearning content development.
Learning Management System

Aside from selling eLearning user enrolments what can we offer?

We offer businesses the flexibility to either:

  • Purchase a ready-made eLearning Course for unlimited usage within their own Learning Management System (LMS); or
  • Commission us for the design and development of bespoke health, safety, and wellbeing-specific eLearning courses.

We can partner with you to understand your workplace learning needs, identify the best-fit solution and develop powerful, engaging online eLearning content. We are considered the number one eLearning course development company in workplace health, safety, and wellbeing.

What ready-made courses are available for immediate purchase?

Check out our portfolio of ready-made short courses here. These courses are available for both per-user subscriptions and lifetime purchases. When purchased outright on a lifetime licence, the content is provided to you in SCORM format, which facilitates a swift and easy import into your organisations learning management system.

Businesses can also purchase white-labelled health and safety courses for internal use or for commercial gain. Courses range from short awareness level programmes to externally certified IOSH and NEBOSH offerings.

What type of bespoke courses are commonly developed?

We can develop bespoke versions of any of our ‘ready-made’ courses. A basic example would be incorporating organisation-specific policy and procedures into our ready-made fire safety awareness eLearning course. Alternatively, we can develop courses, programmes, or inductions from scratch. Common ones include:

  • Employee onboarding programmes
  • Induction courses for visitors, contractors and or employees
  • Health and safety courses addressing site-specific hazards

Frequently Asked Questions about Our eLearning Courses

Many organisations utilise an internal Learning Management System (LMS) for workplace training and development. However, creating online courses for these platforms can be challenging, particularly when trying to combine subject area specialisms with the eLearning course development expertise. Purchasing a ready-made learning intervention offers a quick and often cost-effective solution to this challenge, enabling businesses to focus on other key business areas.

Other benefits include:

  • The guarantee of high-quality and interactive content with no quality or cost compromises that can be associated with developers
  • Obtaining course content that reflects the up-to-date legislation and best practice
  • The flexibility of being able to enrol delegates as you require
  • Remove the dependency on third parties and common barriers such as payment gateways
  • Ability to self-track learner progress and assessment outcomes internally
  • Complete visibility of the learning journey using a system which is familiar to you

We appoint a project manager to work closely with our clients to determine their needs.

This approach involves obtaining information on:

  • What exactly is required, and why
  • The intended audience, the specific need, and the preferred learning approach

When we are clear on exactly what is required, our subject specialists and eLearning developers will work to build a custom eLearning course with the right mix of content and pitched perfectly for the intended audience. The outcome will be to equip the target audience with the necessary skills to work effectively in the target area and meet specific company requirements.

We can include organisation-specific media such as policy documentation, risk assessments, photographs, videos, and scenarios.

As the customer, you have full power over this decision! For a small monthly fee, we can host the course for you on our Learning Management System, taking responsibility for undertaking tasks such as enrolment, the generation of progress reports and the issuing of certificates. Another managed option available is utilising a self-administering branch of our Learning Management system. This approach gives you total flexibility to administer enrolments and generate progress reports.

Alternatively, many organisations operate their own internal self-managed Learning management systems. In such instances, we can provide you with what is known as a SCORM file to embed this into your system and provide you with complete control.

It is difficult to provide a fixed price for this service as there is no one size fits all offering. Therefore, before submitting a quotation, your requirements need to be assessed for us to understand how we can help. After that, we can offer you a comprehensive solution, including a timeframe and budget based on your project scope.

The set-up of an eLearning course depends on the learning management system used and its preferred content type. Most learning management system are SCROM compliant and specify it as their preferred content file type. Therefore, SCORM content is easily imported and administered on most systems. Alternatively, we can take complete control of set-up through our managed services, whereby your organisation’s course content can be hosted directly on our LMS. If designing eLearning courses is your requirement, then this can be achieved by utilising our bespoke content development service.

Content can be built using a wide variety of eLearning course software packages with the level quality varying significantly. In their simplest form, eLearning courses can consist of electronic content files or modified PowerPoint presentations. However, higher-quality eLearning courses, such as those on offer from Health Matters, are feature-rich and incorporate a wide range of media from voice-over, video, and interactive exercises to maximise the learning experience. If you require a trusted partner to assist your organisation to create eLearning course content, then get in contact today.

The ideal duration of an eLearning course depends on a range of factors, including the subject area, the audience, and the desired outcomes. eLearning course duration and structure are closely aligned. A well-structured course that facilitates bite-sized learning is key to information retention and user experience. Online programmes can range from short and snappy 30-minute courses to higher-level programmes that may take weeks to complete. However, the duration is less important if the programme is well structured.

Custom eLearning course development often requires at least two varying skill sets. Firstly, it needs a subject area expert to be able to script the raw content. Then it requires someone capable of turning that content into a user-friendly and interactive eLearning format, which facilitates learning using a specialist piece of software. Having the personnel is often only the starting point.

For eLearning to be effective, it requires an in-depth analysis of the learning need. And from this determined need, a plan to aid the development of content compatible with the intended audience. If this all sounds too complicated and time-consuming, our ready-made or bespoke eLearning course development solution is available to consider.

People partaking in an eLearning course want engaging, relevant, and user-friendly content. Any well-written eLearning course considers what the intended audience needs to learn, how they will learn, and why it will benefit them. These factors can be summarised and structured via learning outcomes. Using learning outcomes as course-building blocks ensures total clarity for the learner or those investing in the learning experience. It also ensures that the course content follows a systematic approach, setting outcomes that can be assessed to determine learner achievement.