Health Promotion

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Cancer Awareness

We offer a range of cancer awareness workshops for both males and females which can be tailored to suit the audience. The aim of the workshop is to increase awareness of available screening, signs, symptoms and provide education on reducing cancer risk and self-examination techniques.

Drop-in Health Information Stands

Health information stands are available on a host of health related topics. They are ideal to enable individuals to drop in for a one-to-one chat with our professional on a specific health-related topic or a range of topics. Visual resources and take home information are available at the display stand and drop in facility.

Educational Health Seminars

We provide bespoke seminars on request and tailor length of seminars to suit your needs. We have a range of professionals delivering expertise, information and advice on a range of health related topics including but not limited to:


  • Healthy Eating and Nutrition.
  • Weight Loss.
  • Physical Activity.
  • Smoking Cessation.
  • Alcohol Awareness.
  • Drug Awareness.
  • Cancer Awareness and Prevention.
  • Mental Health and Stress Management.
Health Champion Training

If you wish to promote your workplace as a health promoting setting why not nominate a Health Champion or multiple champions within your workplace to attend a one day training course on becoming a workplace health ambassador. The aim of the training is to educate individuals on best practice and supports individuals or teams in maintaining momentum, overcoming barriers and sustaining a focus on workplace health.

Mental Health / Stress Management

We offer a number of wellbeing workshops of varying lengths designed to improve staff mental health including but not limited to:


  • Stress Management.
  • Work-life balance.
  • Resilience.
  • Five ways to wellbeing.
  • Mind Management.
  • Mental Health First Aid.
  • ASIST programme.
  • Link worker/connector ‘Safetalk’ session.
MOT Health Checks

Our comprehensive MOT health checks can be offered on site at your workplace or at Health Matters clinics. Assessments can include all or a range of the following measurements: Glucose, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Body Composition, Facial Skin Scope and Lung Function. A summary report can also be provided detailing anonymous overall health & lifestyle results for employers.


The overall aims of our MOT Health Checks include:


  • To provide data to help employers evaluate health risks in their staff.
  • To detect early signs/symptoms of staff developing high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure and ill health.
  • To provide staff with one to one lifestyle advice to prevent ill health and onset of cardiovascular diseases or diabetes.
  • To promote employee value and worth.
  • To promote staff health and wellbeing in the workplace.
NEBOSH National Certificate in the Management of Health and Well-being at Work

This 5 day course is designed to provide the skills and knowledge to tackle health and wellbeing at work; achieving productivity gains, reducing absence and providing a better place to work. The syllabus emphasises practical management solutions to workplace health with reference made to clinical issues to enable managers to understand how these contribute to the prevention of ill-health and promote rehabilitation


Healthy workers can be almost three times more productive than their unhealthy colleagues. People who are unwell either don’t perform at their best, or they don’t turn up for work at all. On average, every worker in Britain takes over 7 days off annually because of illness. In the public sector the average is almost 10 days per year per employee. A correctly implemented health and well-being programme will help reduce absenteeism and staff turnover, leading to increased skill retention, and a reduction in training and recruitment costs. Employee physical and mental well-being will be protected and improved, increasing staff morale and leading to increased productivity. The cost savings to the organisation can be significant.


The course is suitable for General Managers, Supervisors, HR Managers, and Safety Professionals (rather than Occupational Health Practitioners), who have responsibility for, or involvement in, the health and well-being of employees as part of their day-to-day duties.


Course syllabus includes:

  • Introduction to Workplace Health
  • Effects of Health on Work
  • Effects of Work on Health
  • Management of Attendance
  • Mental Health at Work
  • Management of People with Musculoskeletal Disorders
  • Workplace Health Promotion
  • Workplace Health Support
Nutrition & Health Programmes

Nutrition Matters – We can offer a one off session or series of interactive group sessions, road shows and demos including:


  • Metabolism and weight management (body composition analysis can also be offered following this session).
  • Employee support sessions for nutrition related health problems such as: cholesterol (blood cholesterol testing can also be offered following this session) or diabetes (blood sugar testing can also be offered following this session).
  • Mood foods & mindful eating.
  • Assessment of food and drink provisions with guidance on implementing practical changes e.g. menu planning, vending machines etc.
  • Individual nutritional assessments.
  • Development of tailored materials e.g. health meeting strategy.
  • Ask a Dietitian – This is a short seminar followed by a Q&A session.
Physical Activity

We can offer a one off physical activity session delivered in the workplace or alternatively develop and deliver an ongoing physical activity programme for the workplace. Please contact us for further information.

Public Health Agency funded Health and Wellbeing Support Service

Our Public Health Agency funded Health & Wellbeing Support Service enables Health Matters to support workplaces who wish to promote their workplace as a healthy setting. We provide the tools necessary to assess staff health and wellbeing needs and develop a prioritised action plan. Health Champion training is provided to support workplace teams to sustain a focus on workplace health and evaluate the programme throughout the year and beyond.


The objectives of our health and wellbeing support service include:


  1. Improving overall health and wellbeing in the workplace.
  2. Empowering and educating individuals to make positive lifestyle changes.
  3. Delivering and coordinating a range of health promotion services based on identified need.
  4. Raising awareness of a number of health and wellbeing topics in the workplace.
  5. Promoting a healthier and more productive working environment.
Workplace Optimal Health (WOH) Programme

Health Matters Health & Wellbeing Coordinators can offer an in house ‘Weight Loss / Healthy Living Programme’ which is appropriate for individuals who wish to take steps to improve their well being and make healthier lifestyle choices.


During the initial stage of the programme our aim is to educate the entire workforce by delivering a health promotion presentation on physical activity, nutrition and weight management. In addition to informative advice from our qualified specialists, individuals can avail of Body Composition Analysis or a full MOT health check (depending on the option chosen). The findings of this analysis are useful for any individuals who wish to proceed onto the weight loss programme. We then begin an 8–16 week weight management / lifestyle programme with a delivery format that suits your company’s requirements in relation to duration and frequency. The aim of this programme is to provide individuals with the skills, tools and knowledge to make healthier lifestyle changes.


The lifestyle improvement programme includes the following strategies;


  • Self monitoring of progress and behaviour.
  • Goal setting.
  • Providing social support.
  • Problem solving and overcoming barriers to change.
  • Assertiveness.
  • Relapse prevention.
  • Strategies for dealing with difficult environments and relapse.
Commit - Annual Workplace Wellness Package

This expert led annual workplace wellness package was developed to;

  1. Assist organisations to strategically address workplace health & wellbeing by providing an easily accessible and structured annual package.
  2. Provide a statistical measurement to allow organisations to benchmark their workplace health & wellbeing data against national averages and industry gold standards.
  3. Provide and deliver a structured annual calendar of events based on National Health Campaigns –thus minimising the time spent by organisations to plan, organise and deliver on self-coordinated events.


What’s included?

  • Introductory Health Champion training for up to 2 individuals
  • An opportunity to complete our evidence-based health & wellbeing survey in order to benchmark data against national averages
  • A comprehensive and informative report outlining the health of employees compared to industry gold standards
  • A ‘one to one’ consultation meeting with one of our workplace health & wellbeing experts to discuss your organisations survey findings and plan for your organisations annual calendar of events
  • Delivery of a monthly event*, creating a structured annual calendar of events which is based on National Health Campaigns. * 12 events in total (Please see calendar overleaf for suggested events)


Please note any companies who have completed the PHA (Public Health Agency) Health Matters at Work Initiative can still avail of this programme.