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Mental Health Awareness for Line Managers

Face-to-face or Live Virtual Classroom

Mental Health Awareness for Line Managers Course


3 hours


Up to 15 people per course

Learning Options

Face to face - Your place or ours!
or Live Virtual Classroom

FAQs about Mental Health Awareness for Line Managers Training Courses

The Mental Health Awareness for Line Managers course aims to equip those responsible for managing and supporting staff with the knowledge to identify and assist colleagues who may be suffering from mental ill-health. In addition, the training provides practical techniques which can be applied to help to create and promote a culture of positive workplace mental health and wellbeing. Doing so will energise, encourage, and support managers to promote good mental health and wellbeing among their teams.

The course content is structured as follows:

  • Common mental health conditions
  • Practical techniques to apply or share, to promote positive mental health & wellbeing
  • Practical tips to look after the mental wellbeing of staff you manage
  • Steps and good practice for a helping conversation
  • Legislative responsibilities in relation to mental health and work
  • Where to direct staff for access to support

This short three-hour course intends to provide busy managers with a fast-track insight into how they can best support and improve the mental health and wellbeing of those they owe a duty of care. The training is typically delivered in a morning or afternoon session during the working week.

The training is ideal for anyone responsible for managing and supporting staff. It is popular among proactive and supportive employers that strive to create a workplace environment that promotes and values its employees' mental wellbeing.

Businesses whose management promotes and supports positive mental health at work will help employees flourish in their roles, manage stress, and boost resilience. Ultimately, it facilitates the employees reaching their highest potential and the business. Businesses that ignore it risk employee disengagement, high employee turnover, safety liabilities, low productivity, and decreased profits.