Fire Safety Courses

Public Courses

Fire Warden - including Extinguisher

Gain the knowledge and skills to undertake the role of a fire warden. Whilst delivering upon this role, you will have the opportunity to reduce the risks of a fire and help ensure legal compliance on behalf of an employer. 

NEBOSH National Certificate in Fire Safety

This focused qualification helps you learn and develop fire safety skills which can be applied in workplaces anywhere in the world.

Fire Safety Awareness

This course aims to provide learners with the knowledge and understanding of fire safety issues at work. In turn, helping to develop a culture of fire prevention and fire protection within the workplace.


In-Company Courses for Private Groups

Fire Risk Assessment Awareness

For anyone who requires a foundation level understanding of fire safety to aid them in reading, interpreting, and actioning any elements of a fire risk assessment.


Safe Use of Evacuation Chairs

This course is for anyone who may be required to operate an evacuation chair. The course aims to develop learner’s confidence in their ability to safely operate the equipment for use in an emergency.