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Fire Safety Training Courses

Browse our full list of fire safety-related training courses. These courses ultimately aim to reduce the risk of a fire and help ensure legal compliance on behalf of an employer.
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This course is aimed at those individuals who are required to assume the role of the fire warden during a fire evacuation. It also aims to provide individuals with the knowledge required to aid the responsible person to deliver upon basic fire safety duties.

The NEBOSH National Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management is designed for people who have fire safety responsibilities at work. It provides the knowledge and understanding when combined with relevant experience, to carry out an effective fire risk assessment, as well as embed good practices in the workplace.

This course aims to provide learners with knowledge and understanding of fire safety issues at work. In turn, helping to develop a culture of fire prevention and fire protection within the workplace.


This short course is for anyone who requires a foundation-level understanding of fire safety to aid them in reading, interpreting and actioning any elements of a fire risk assessment.

This course is for anyone who may be required to operate an evacuation chair. The course aims to develop learners’ confidence in their ability to safely operate the equipment for use in an emergency.  

FAQs about Fire Safety Training Courses

Fire safety courses are any course that develops an individual's knowledge of fire and how to control the risks associated with it. Most courses are based on the concept of risk assessment. They focus on fire prevention and loss reduction safeguards. The level of responsibility the individual will hold will determine how typical duties are covered. All employees must be clear on their role in managing the risk presented by fire within the workplace. Courses will focus on how employees are required to respond to situations effectively. This response may relate to how they should follow a fire evacuation or action plan. If fire prevention measures fail, an effective employee response can aid a business to minimise the loss. These courses form an essential component of health and safety risk management. Fire safety control measures must be adhered to and taken seriously by all.

A fire can cause disastrous consequences for a business. They can threaten the health and safety of employees and the public. It can also destroy the physical workplace, which incorporates buildings and equipment. Therefore, the safest way to deal with fire is to prevent it in the first instance. Dealing with it in the first instance is where fire safety courses play an essential role.

The law states that employers must provide employees with information, instruction, and training about fire precautions in the workplace. Employers can partially meet this legal requirement through adequate training. Fire safety awareness would typically be the baseline course undertaken by the collective workforce. It is a short but informative course communicating important information. The information includes responsibilities, fire hazards, ignition sources, fire prevention measures, and action plans. Important aspects include how to raise the alarm or how to follow escape routes to safety.

Higher-level courses such as fire warden or the NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety Management delve into how to conduct a fire risk assessment. These programmes include guidance on how to take action on the significant findings and how to implement fire safety measures and are appropriate for those employees who hold added responsibilities within the workplace. Such positions can play a pivotal role in helping the responsible or accountable person. This course applies to Scotland, England and Wales, and Northern Ireland. To conclude, effective training can aid a business to meet its legislative training obligations to fire safety in the UK.

They help employers protect their businesses from the consequences of fire. It will help to equip employees with the knowledge of how to act safely in a fire reducing the risk of injury or loss of life. Training in the safe use of fire extinguishers and basic firefighting equipment can also contribute to the prevention of small fires from developing into large-scale emergencies.

Employers are required by law to provide information, instruction, and training to employees about fire precautions in the workplace. Fire safety courses provide employers with a means of contributing to fulfilling this requirement. In addition, these course contribute to creating a positive fire safety culture. If an organisation has a positive fire safety culture, employees are more likely to share positive attitudes, knowledge, and perceptions.

All fire safety training courses listed on this website have been developed and are delivered by experts. This approach ensures that the training content provided is comprehensive and accurate. Available courses include basic awareness training, fire warden, and fire marshal training. In addition, there are higher-level courses such as fire risk assessment awareness and the NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety Management on offer.

The most appropriate course for you is dependent on your role and level of responsibility. If you hold only basic employee fire safety obligations, then an awareness course is likely adequate. If you are required to undertake fire safety checks and ensure people are evacuated safely in a fire emergency, you will likely need at least a fire warden course. Your level of responsibility may exceed that of the fire marshal as you may be required to input into the fire risk assessment process. This involvement may be contributing to addressing the significant findings highlighted in fire risk assessments completed by others. If this is the case, a course level equal to or exceeding the NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety Management would be required. If you wish to become a fire risk assessor and work within a low-risk workplace, then the NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety Management is ideal. On successful completion, delegates are issued with a NEBOSH certification of completion to provide recognition for the highly recognised and regarded qualification gained.

If you require flexibility in the way you learn, online fire safety courses are available that provide the perfect solution. Individuals can undertake most of our courses online. This delivery method is achieved via a live virtual classroom environment or self-directed eLearning. If traditional classroom-based learning is still your method of choice, we can accommodate this through face-to-face delivery at your workplace or ours.