Browse our specialist healthcare specific training programmes. These courses are appropriate for healthcare professionals and workers and have been developed in line with the latest legislation and best practice, meeting all of the requirements set out by the appropriate professional and regulatory bodies.
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IOSH Moving & Handling of People - Train the Trainer*

This IOSH approved ‘Moving and Handling of People – Train the Trainer’ course is intended for healthcare staff who wish to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out their own ‘in – house’ moving and handling of people training.  

IOSH Moving and Handling of People - Train the Trainer (Recertification)*

The course is appropriate for those who currently hold an IOSH approved ‘Moving and Handling of People – Train the Trainer’ or IOSH approved ‘Patient Handling – Training for Trainers’ certification that is coming close to its expiry date.

*Also available for In-Company Private Group bookings, online, or at your premises.

Moving and Handling (People)

This one-day in-house course aims to provide individuals with the key theory and practical skills to perform safer moving and handling of people. 




Safeguarding of Adults at Risk (Vulnerable Adults)

This course aims to assist management and staff to comply with the Northern Ireland Adult Safeguarding Partnership (NIASP) Training and Development Framework at Level 2 which covers awareness raising, recognising & responding. 

Infection Control Awareness

This course is aimed at individuals of all levels working within health care. It provides learners with the knowledge and skills to prevent and control the spread of infections within a healthcare or related setting. 

Administration of Medication

This course is aimed at health care workers who assist with administration of medication as part of their role. The course aims to help ensure they do so in a safe manner, minimising risk to service users and themselves. 

Coping with Challenging Behaviour including Basics of Breakaway

The course explores the causes of challenging or aggressive behaviour within the care sector and aim to provide learners with the knowledge and skills to manage such situations in an appropriate manner. 

Essentials of First Aid (Basic Life Support)

This course aims to provide healthcare staff with the essential skills to assist them to act appropriately in the event of an emergency. 



Supervision & Appraisal

Aimed at nursing staff (also relevant for team leaders within Social Care) to help develop their supervisory skills to aid with the management and appraisal of the staff they are responsible for. 

Fire Safety Awareness

This course aims to provide learners with the knowledge and understanding of fire safety issues at work. In turn, helping to develop a culture of fire prevention and fire protection within the workplace.


Care Planning, Record Keeping & Data Protection

To assist Nursing and Care Staff appreciate the importance of good record-keeping to protect themselves, their service users and their organisation.

Basic Food Hygiene for Care Staff

This course is aimed at care staff who perform low risk tasks and other similar duties regarding food handling and preparation within a variety of care settings. 

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  • Immunisation Training for Registered Nurses Incl Anaphylaxis
  • Insertion of Indwelling Urinary Catheters for Reg Nurses
  • Insertion of Supra Pubic Catheters for Reg Nurses
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  • MUST Training
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  • Nutritional Guidelines & MENU Planning
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  • PEG Management Training
  • Personality Disorder Awareness
  • Personality Disorders and Ligature Awareness
  • PICA Training
  • Record Keeping & Confidentiality
  • Stoma Care
  • Tissue Viability Wound and Pressure Sore Prevention and Management
  • Venepuncture_Phlebotomy
  • Equality & Diversity, Duty of Care, Person Centered Working, Policy on Advocacy & Support
  • Personal Boundaries and Attachment