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High-quality eLearning products that are both interactive and visually stunning.

*Excludes exam fees of £178 (+VAT) payable when ready to proceed to assessment.

FAQs about NEBOSH and IOSH eLearning courses

Higher-level health and safety courses such as the NEBOSH General Certificate, IOSH Managing Safety or IOSH Safety for Executives & Directors courses are accepted in eLearning form. These courses are ideal for busy employees and managers who are unable to spare large chunks of time out of the office sitting in a classroom learning via the traditional face-to-face method. Instead, senior managers and others can complete NEBOSH eLearning courses or IOSH eLearning courses at a pace and at times that suit the operational needs of their organisations. eLearning also provides a training method that can help facilitate a positive work-life balance.

IOSH eLearning courses cater perfectly to employees across the entire workplace spectrum. The IOSH working safety eLearning course provides an excellent introduction to health and safety for entry-level employees with no managerial responsibilities. For supervisors and mid-managers, the IOSH Managing Safely eLearning is ideal. It clarifies health and safety managerial responsibilities and guides how best to manage risk using a health and safety management system. For top-level employees such as senior management team members, directors and CEOs, the IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors eLearning course is excellent for clarifying responsibilities, liability and the duty of care owed to those under their direction in the workplace.

Health Matters are a leading provider of high-quality IOSH eLearning courses worldwide. These online eLearning courses are popular in the UK, Ireland, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. This popularity is due to the ability to undertake distance learning. Key to the popularity of our IOSH eLearning products is their modern and interactive interface. In addition, the courses have only recently been developed using the latest eLearning software resulting in training products that exceed the quality provided by our competitors.

Health Matters has a significant portfolio of NEBOSH eLearning products. Our NEBOSH eLearning courses are recognised worldwide due to their high quality and user experience levels. Countries that regard NEBOSH eLearning products as the gold standard in self-directed learning include the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, and the Middle East.

The NEBOSH General Certificate eLearning course material is generally completed within approximately 68 hours. However, it is possible for delegates that are motivated and apply themselves to complete in a shorter time. Some high achievers have completed it in as little as 49 hours, which equates to 5 working days. In addition to the times required to complete the course content, there is a commitment of approximately a further 10 hours for the completion of the assessments.

The expected completion duration of an IOH eLearning course varies based on the type of course. For example, delegates can complete working safety, or safety for executives and directors, in as little as 3 hours. In contrast, the time investment required for an IOSH Managing Safely eLearning course is likely to be in the region of 18 hours.

The NEBOSH National General Certificate eLearning course content is priced at £395 (+VAT). However, this is periodically reduced in price, offering customers a special discounted rate. Considering our course is the highest quality NEBOSH eLearning course on the market, it makes it excellent value for money.

IOSH eLearning courses vary in price. The working safely eLearning starts at £80 (+VAT) for a single user, and the managing safety and safety health for construction site managers eLearning courses are generally priced in the region of £150 - £195 (+VAT).