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NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety

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NEBOSH General Certificate

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FAQs about NEBOSH National General Certificate

People refer to the NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety as the NEBOSH General. This course and the Health and Safety Certificate are NEBOSH's flagship certificate level qualifications. Experts consider it the gold standard entry qualification for those embarking on a career in the sector. NEBOSH claims over 200,000 people hold this certificate. Furthermore, it is very popular with health and safety experts and practitioners in the UK and in, Ireland and beyond.

The qualification aims to equip delegates with specific abilities. The required knowledge contributes to the management of health and safety within a workplace. This knowledge, in turn, will contribute to a reduction of workplace injuries and illnesses. Thus, boosting employees' physical and mental well-being. The course covers 11 key areas, these being as follow:

  1. Why we should manage workplace health and safety
  2. How health and safety management systems work and what they look like
  3. Managing risk – understanding people and processes
  4. Health and safety monitoring and measuring
  5. Physical and psychological health
  6. Musculoskeletal health
  7. Chemical and biological agents
  8. General workplace issues
  9. Work equipment
  10. Fire
  11. Electricity

This NEBOSH course is structured into two units, NG1 and NG2, both assessed separately.

Unit NG1 focuses on the management of health and safety. It is assessed via an open book examination. Delegates have a 24-hour window to complete the assessment online. Within the exercise, NEBOSH presents a workplace scenario. The learner must undertake several set health and safety management tasks to respond to a range of tasks requested. This approach evaluates the delegates' ability to apply the knowledge gained. Therefore, it proves their ability to manage health and safety using risk reduction techniques.

Unit NG2 focuses on risk assessment. It is assessed via a practical coursework submission. Delegates must undertake a risk assessment and report on a wide range of hazards within a workplace of their choice.

The health and safety certificate involves 68 hours which instructors deliver over ten full days or 20 evenings. Like all our NEBOSH qualifications, instructors provide classroom or online courses. In addition to tuition time, NEBOSH recommends delegates invest 40 hours of private study and background reading to prepare for the two assessments.

The NEBOSH National General is RQF level 3 in England and Northern Ireland. In Wales, it is CQFW Level 3, and in Ireland, it is the equivalent to QQI / NFQ IE Level 5. Who needs NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety? The NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety is designed for anyone. It doesn't matter the level of employee or the type of business. It is perfect for anyone who requires a broad and foundation-level understanding of health and safety. They will be able to contribute to the management of day-to-day risks successfully. It is ideal for those who hold or have a desire to hold health & safety responsibilities in their workplace. It provides a valuable overview and a sound basis for further professional study.

Individuals can commence the NEBOSH General Certificate without prior health and safety knowledge. The only recommended pre-requirement is a good literacy level in the English language.

This course meets the academic requirements for Technical Membership of IOSH (related: IOSH Courses) if the learner undertaking it is a resident in the UK, making it desirable for those who wish to pursue professional status. https://www.nebosh.org.uk/our-news-and-events/our-news/recognition-of-nebosh-qualifications/

Everyone has the right to go to work and leave unharmed at the end of the working day. Unfortunately, the statistics indicate that life-changing injuries and fatalities still occur. On a positive note, these statistics are decreasing. This reduction is partly due to the raised awareness and importance of health and safety within most workplaces.

The NEBOSH General Certificate plays a significant role. Firstly, ensuring that workers are suitably trained in Health & Safety. Secondly, they also know how to influence safe and healthy behaviour among colleagues.

The course covers all the legal requirements, especially the requirements relating to the Health and Safety at Work Act and the related Regulations. This understanding will aid the delegate to bring about change that meets legislative requirements and best practices. This change will help reduce accidents and adverse incidents within the workplace.

The NEBOSH General will give those who undertake it vital knowledge and skills. In addition, learners will receive a globally recognised health and safety certificate. Thus, this will support their current role and long-term career ambitions.