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NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate

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NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate

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FAQs about NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate

The NEBOSH Environmental Certificate is a highly recognised environmental management certificate. The qualification covers the management of environmental risks, which applies to any workplace in any sector. The content is structured using a risk management approach. It is based on industry best practices and global standards.


The qualification covers the practical issues of managing environmental risk. The syllabus takes a risk management approach based on best practices and international industry standards, including:

  • Foundations in environmental management
  • Environmental management systems
  • Assessing environmental aspects and impacts
  • Planning for and dealing with environmental emergencies
  • Control of emissions to air
  • Control of environmental noise
  • Control of contamination of water sources
  • Control of waste and land use
  • Sources and use of energy and energy efficiency

The NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management consists of two units, each separately assessed:

  • EC1: Management and control of environmental hazards
  • EC2: Environmental practical application

The content of the NEBOSH environmental certificate is structured into two units, EMC1 and EMC2. Each unit is assessed separately.

Unit EMC1 is assessed using an open book test. In it, the delegate completes an online exercise within 24 hours. The examination presents a workplace scenario where the learner must apply their knowledge. They need to undertake several set tasks related to environmental management. The delegate must display an ability to implement effective environmental management techniques. At the same time, they must manage environmental risk.

A practical coursework submission assesses unit EMC2. This assessment required delegates to evaluate and report on environmental aspects and impacts within their workplace.

This NEBOSH course involves 34 hours of teaching. Instructors deliver these over five full days or ten evening sessions. Delegates can access the content in the classroom or online via Zoom, WebEx or Microsoft Teams. In addition, NEBOSH recommends learners invest 25 more hours of private study. Also, they need to allow 8 hours for the assessments.

The NEBOSH Environmental Certificate is ideal for individuals who aspire to hold environmental management responsibilities within a workplace. Due to this, many use the qualification as a first step towards a career in environmental management. As well as that, many who complete the course progress on to the higher-level NEBOSH Environmental Diploma.

Half of all health and safety professionals have environmental management responsibilities. The knowledge gained within the NEBOSH Environment provides them with a sound basis for delivering these duties. In addition, it will equip individuals with the tools to implement effective environmental management techniques.

There are no requirements regarding previous environmental management knowledge to undertake this course. However, delegates must possess a suitable level of English. This ability is to understand and articulate the concepts contained in the syllabus.

The devastating impact of global warming and pollution are becoming more apparent. This reality is likely why the corporate world finally realises that action is needed. The UN Global Compact has developed a series of frameworks for businesses to fast-track response. This framework will aid companies to embed sustainability into their strategy. Also, to take the necessary action to make it viable.

Businesses need to have a level of in-house expertise to act effectively. This requirement is where the NEBOSH certificate in Environmental Management can add real value.

On completion, the NEBOSH environmental certificate will equip the delegate with valuable tools. First, learners will gain a newfound knowledge to bring about real performance improvements to address adverse environmental impacts within the workplace. The individual will be able to manage environmental risk using an environmental management system. Such action contributes to environmental improvements through the ongoing evaluation of the effectiveness of controls. Finally, the individual should understand the links between an organisation’s activities and broader environmental issues., thus, supporting key decision-making.