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Lead Health and Wellbeing Coordinator, Catherine

Meet our Lead Health and Wellbeing Coordinator, Catherine!

At Health Matters, we believe in practicing what we preach, and our Lead Health and Wellbeing Coordinator Catherine does just that. She lives and breathes health and wellbeing and is truly passionate about promoting it in the workplace to make every individual be the best version of themselves, physically and mentally through their diet, mindset and lifestyle choices.

We did a quick interview with Catherine to let you get to know her a little better!

Tell us about your background and your current job role in Health Matters

“My job role within health matters is the Lead Health, Safety and Wellbeing Coordinator.  This mainly involves educating and empowering individuals within workplaces to take control of their personal health through leading and coordinating health promotion initiatives encompassing nutrition, exercise, sleep, mindfulness, self-development and relaxation.”

“My day to day role can vary considerably but generally includes advising and supporting businesses on methods to improve workplace health & wellbeing, delivering training and workshops, assessing current health & wellbeing status of individuals and businesses and finally delivering workplace health events such as sessions on healthy eating, exercise, sleep, relaxation and mental health.”

What do you love about your job?

“The reason I love my job is because I get to see, first-hand the positive impact I can make through health education on an individuals health and wellbeing.   I also love the team I work with as they all have similar positive growth mindsets to myself and can also provide me with a few laughs along the way!”

“I am involved in a huge variety of sectors.  This can be anywhere from construction, factory, retail, schools, healthcare, charity, community to transport.  You name it…. I’ve probably been there!”

What do you get up to in your spare time?

“I would say I am a bit of a fitness junkie and love any type of movement- anything from gym, yoga, walking, running to group activities and classes.  I’m quite adventurous and up for trying anything!  I’ve recently started park-running on Saturday mornings which absolutely love as I used to play netball and swim competitively and wanted to fill that gap and take up something a little different! It’s a free fun event and such a lovely way of meeting people with similar interests.”

“I also enjoy reading and ‘nerding’ out on a good fiction book. My goal this year is at least 5 pages a day and I’m particularly interested in the area of self-development”

Catherine will be the lead coordinator for the FREE Health Matters at Work Initiative, which is funded by the Public Health Agency. This initiative has been developed to give workplaces a helping hand in promoting health and wellbeing and provides a range of free services including: 

  • 2 Days of Health Champion Training
  • Evidence based health and wellbeing surveys
  • Comprehensive reports outlining the health of employees
  • Delivery of 2 health & wellbeing sessions
  • Ongoing mentoring and support

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