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Level 6 NVQ Diploma in Construction Site Management

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Level 6 NVQ Diploma in Construction Site Management Course


This qualification is suitable for individuals that have been employed within the construction industry, specifically as site managers for a main building or civil engineering contractor. They will have been responsible for managing site activities throughout the full duration of a construction project. Candidates must have been employed long enough to facilitate the presentation of evidence to verify involvement in work activities typically associated with the role of a site manager.

Candidates can provide evidence in various forms, including written communications (such as emails or memos), documentation (such as paperwork or worksheets), occupational observations (where an assessor observes the candidate performing a work activity), professional discussions (where an assessor questions the candidate to assess competency), or reliable witness testimonies.

FAQs about Level 6 NVQ Diploma Training Course

The Level 6 NVQ Diploma in Construction Site Management is a competency-based qualification. Being competency-based means the qualification is gained solely by providing evidence of work-related experience. This evidence must prove that the individual has delivered upon a wide range of typical site manager activities. These activities are detailed as a pre-set list of requirements within the qualifications structure.

The evidence-based approach of the Construction Site Managers' NVQ is unique to National Vocational Qualifications. Work-related evidence is assessed to determine whether the site manager is awarded the qualification. Therefore, there is no requirement to attend classes, sit exams or submit coursework like many other traditional qualification routes. This qualification format makes it perfect for busy site managers who have progressed their careers in the construction sector based on ability rather than prior academic achievement. The qualification endeavours to provide recognition in the form of a nationally recognised qualification for the level at which such site managers work.

To undertake the Level 6 NVQ Construction Managers diploma, the individual should currently work as a construction site manager. This requirement is primarily due to the qualification requiring evidence of the construction site manager job-specific experience. Candidates can generate evidence in a range of ways. Methods include providing witness testimonies from colleagues or industry experts who have had a prior insight into the construction site management activities of the candidate. Alternately, it could involve providing tangible evidence in documents or files that display the site manager's ability to manage and coordinate construction activities at a senior level.

Building site managers must align the evidence to the criteria detailed within the following mandatory units:

    • Developing and maintaining good occupational working relationships in the workplace.

    • Allocating work and monitoring people's performance in the workplace.

    • Contributing to the identification of a work team in the workplace.

    • Establishing, implementing and maintaining organisational systems for managing health, safety, welfare and wellbeing in the workplace.

    • Establishing, controlling and monitoring environmental factors and sustainability in the workplace.

    • Evaluating and confirming work methods in the workplace.

    • Planning the preparation of the site for the project in the workplace.

    • Monitoring project activities in the workplace.

    • Ensuring that work activities and resources meet project work requirements in the workplace.

    • Organising, controlling and monitoring supplies of materials in the workplace.

    • Identifying and maintaining communication systems and organisational procedures in the workplace.

    • Controlling project progress against agreed quality standards in the workplace.

    • Controlling project progress against agreed programmes in the workplace.

    • Managing your personal development in the workplace.

    • Identifying, allocating and planning the deployment and use of plant, equipment or machinery in the workplace.

    • Establishing dimensional control criteria in the workplace.

    • Controlling project quantities and costs in the workplace.

    • Evaluating feedback and making recommendations in the workplace.

    • Managing the installation, maintenance, monitoring and removal of temporary works in the workplace.

Please note, candidates will also be required to complete one additional optional unit.

The structure and units of this qualification are based on NOS related to Construction Site Management developed by CITB.

Enrolling construction managers must have the time to dedicate to obtaining the qualification and gathering the required evidence. In addition, the qualification is self-directed, meaning that the individual must be motivated to get it.

Throughout the qualification, there will be support provided by an assigned assessor. This assessor will help the delegate navigate their way through the units whilst providing feedback on whether the evidence submitted meets the standards required. In addition, assessors will provide guidance notes and sample answers to help direct the manager to submit the appropriate form of evidence. Communication with the assessor will be via several methods: face-to-face, video call, telephone, and directly through the online portal.

The time it takes for someone to complete the NVQ Level 6 Construction Site Management is entirely up to them. Time varies based on an individual's motivation, workload, and experience level. Prior experience indicates that site managers can complete it anywhere between 18-months to 24-months. An assessment plan will be agreed upon during induction with the assessor, providing the individual with time-bound targets. Assessors can develop fast track assessment plans for those construction managers who require this qualification in a short timeframe.

24-months of support is provided with any enrolment.

The cost of the ProQual NVQ Level 6 Construction Site Management qualification varies based on several factors. To find out today's price, click the enrol button at the top of the page.

Please note that there is CITB grant aid of £1500.00 available to CITB registered employers for this qualification. See link:  https://www.citbni.org.uk/Grants.aspx