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Level 2 Award in Food Safety and Hygiene

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Level 2 Award in Food Safety and Hygiene


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FAQs about Level 2 Award in Food Safety & Hygiene

Food-related illnesses are a real threat to both consumers and food handling businesses. This accredited and regulated food hygiene course aims to address the associated risk by educating those who attend in safe food practices.

The Food Safety in Catering course has one unit, which can be divided into four sub-sections.

  1. Section one explores an individual’s responsibility for food safety within their employment. It does this by examining the legal requirements placed on food handlers and food business operators, the importance of internal procedures and how to report food safety hazards.
  2. Section two focuses on the importance of maintaining personal hygiene. This key control measure is communicated by emphasising personal hygiene best practices and explaining the positive impact these can have on food safety.
  3. Section three covers work area cleanliness and hygiene standards. The content provides learners with tips and techniques on keeping food preparation areas, surfaces and equipment clean and tidy to reduce contamination risks. Pest control also forms part of this section.
  4. Section four centres around the importance of keeping food safe. It does this by examining the sources and risks to food safety from contamination and cross-contamination, how to deal with food spoilage, and safe handling practices and procedures for storing, preparing, cooking, chilling, reheating, holding, and serving and the transporting food. In addition, the content also explores how learners can implement and effectively adhere to food stock control procedures.
The course is assessed via a 45-minute theory-based examination paper. The questions are scripted based on the course learning outcomes, and learners must score 20 out of 30 to achieve a pass.
The total learning hours associated with this qualification are 7 hours. These hours are typically completed in one day. The course can be divided into multiple sessions. However, the learner must satisfy all qualification components within four weeks of commencement.
The course is aimed at anyone who handles food or plans to handle food in a commercial environment. It would also benefit people who frequent food handling areas such as service, delivery, and maintenance staff.
Foodborne illness is a significant public health concern. The consequences of poor food safety and hygiene practices contribute significantly to the burden placed on the NHS and subsequent cost on the exchequer. Employers and food handling businesses have a legal and moral obligation to ensure that the food they handle is safe for human consumption, minimising the risk to consumers. Training employees in the Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering is a key control measure that employers are obligated to introduce to meet these legal and moral responsibilities to the consumers they owe a duty of care.