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Supervision and Appraisal

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Supervision and Appraisal Course


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FAQs about Supervision and Appraisal Training Courses

Supervision and appraisal are two varying but complementary practices. Supervision is a two-way process which aims to support, motivate, and enable the development of good practice for individuals working within the health and social care sector. If undertaken correctly, it can significantly improve the quality of care a worker provides, which boosts organisation-wide performance and care standards.

An appraisal is a more formal process involving reviewing a health and social worker’s performance over a set period. It evaluates performance against any aims and objectives set, the individual’s job description and performance during any periods of observation or supervision. The outcome is identifying positive performance and areas for improvement that may form the basis for future aims and objectives.

This interactive and collaborative course will cover content on how to best prepare for, give feedback and effectively record the outcomes of supervision and appraisal. It will also explore joint supervision and appraisal challenges and how to best address these.
This course is assessed via a short multi-choice assessment based on the learning outcomes covered within the course content.
Supervision and appraisal training is 3 hours in duration. It is commonly delivered to the care sector in either a morning or afternoon session along with another healthcare-related programme such as infection control awareness or the moving and handling of people. As the course is exclusively theory-based, it can be delivered online.
This course is aimed at any person in a health and social care environment responsible for employee performance management and improvement. The training aims to develop the competence of those who attend to facilitate the undertaking of best practice supervision and appraisal within their workplaces.
Adequate supervision and appraisal contribute significantly to ensuring positive outcomes for service users and carers using health and social care services. It also aids with the development, retention, and motivation of the social care workforce in a sector where the demand for staff significantly exceeds the resource within the labour market. Therefore, it is of imperative importance that those who coordinate and offer it are effectively trained in the best practice techniques as detailed within company policy and procedure.