Free Workplace Health & Wellbeing Support Service

Free Workplace Health & Wellbeing Support Service

We are delighted to announce the re-launch of our Health Matters at Work Initiative. This expert-led initiative was developed to:

  • Mentor and support businesses through a structured 4 stage process
  • Assist organisations to strategically address workplace health & wellbeing
  • Provide a statistical measurement to allow organisations to benchmark their workplace health & wellbeing data against national averages.
  • Assist the development of a sustainable health & wellbeing action plan and;
  • Deliver health promotion events based on identified needs and employee interests.

Best of all, the initiative is completely funded by the Public Health Agency and therefore free to participating businesses.

An overview of what is provided

  • Mentoring and support from an experienced Workplace Health & Wellbeing Coordinator;
  • Assistance with identifying a suitable ‘Health Champion’ who will implement and lead the workplace strategy internally;
  • An opportunity to complete an evidence-based and employee wide health & wellbeing survey in order to benchmark data against national averages and identify areas of priority;
  • A comprehensive and informative report outlining the health of employees compared to industry gold standards;
  • 2 days of Health Champion training
    • Introduction to workplace health & wellbeing and;
    • Assistance with the preparation of a workplace specific health & wellbeing action plan
  • Provision of resources such as action plan templates, guides, questionnaires and literature;
  • Assistance with the development and implementation of a 3-year action plan;
  • Delivery of 2 health & wellbeing sessions delivered by our specialist coordinators for your staff;
  • Assistance with the evaluation of all health & wellbeing initiatives implemented; &
  • An award ceremony in recognition of workplace health & wellbeing success


Benefits of the programme

  • Improved employee morale
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduction in staff turnover
  • Reduction in illness-related absence
  • Increased quality of products and services
  • Improved corporate social responsibility
  • Improved public image (This can also be used as an excellent PR opportunity)


What businesses that have participated have to say…

Special Olympics found the Health Matters at work initiative to be a great success. The detailed staff survey helped pinpoint areas to focus our activities on and meant all staff had a voice in how the initiative was rolled out. Health Matters has encouraged our workplace to be healthier through increased lunchtime physical activity, healthy eating and raising awareness of the importance of positive mental health. I would highly recommend this service.” – Special Olympics

“A fantastic scheme with information provided by a very knowledgeable provider which raised awareness among staff of ways to improve their own health and that of their families.” –GrahamBam HealthCare Partnership

So, are you ready to commit to improving Health & Wellbeing in your workplace?

If so, please complete the Registration Form here.


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