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Purchase an eLearning Course for Your LMS


Many organisations utilise their own Learning Management Systems (LMS) for workplace learning and development.

Developing online courses for internal LMSs can be challenging, particularly trying to ‘marry’ the subject area’s specialism with the eLearning course development expertise.

(Speaking from prior experience)

We provide a fast and cost-effective solution to this, whereby organisations can purchase any one or multiple of our ‘readymade’ short eLearning courses or engage with us to develop a ‘bespoke’ eLearning course which can be seemly integrated into the internal LMS in SCORM format.

We are confident you will not find higher quality eLearning products anywhere on the market!

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Bespoke eLearning Courses

What courses are available for immediate purchase?

Check out our portfolio of ‘readymade’ short courses within the following link. These courses are available on a ‘per user’ or subscription basis and for lifetime purchase in SCORM format, which facilitates an import into your LMS.

What type of ‘bespoke’ courses are commonly purchased?

The possibilities are endless.

We can develop bespoke versions of any of our ‘readymade’ courses. A basic example would be incorporating organisation-specific policy and procedures into our ‘off the shelf’ fire safety awareness eLearning course…

Alternatively, we can develop courses, programmes, or inductions from scratch. Common ones include:

  • Employee onboarding programmes
  • Induction courses for visitors, contractors and or employees
  • Health and safety courses addressing site-specific hazards

Check out of ‘Bespoke eLearning Development’ web page by clicking HERE for further details.

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Course Costs

What are the associated costs?

To obtain costings, please get in touch with us via email at [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions about Purchasing a Course for your LMS

Many organisations utilise an internal Learning Management System (LMS) for workplace training and development. However, creating online courses for these platforms can be challenging, particularly when trying to combine subject area specialisms with the eLearning course development expertise. Purchasing a ready-made learning intervention offers a quick and often cost-effective solution to this challenge, enabling businesses to focus on other key business areas.

Other benefits include:

  • The guarantee of high-quality and interactive content with no quality or cost compromises that can be associated with developers
  • Obtaining course content that reflects the up-to-date legislation and best practice
  • The flexibility of being able to enrol delegates as you require
  • Remove the dependency on third parties and common barriers such as payment gateways
  • Ability to self-track learner progress and assessment outcomes internally
  • Complete visibility of the learning journey using a system which is familiar to you

The set-up of an eLearning course depends on the learning management system used and its preferred content type. Most learning management system are SCROM compliant and specify it as their preferred content file type. Therefore, SCORM content is easily imported and administered on most systems. Alternatively, we can take complete control of set-up through our managed services, whereby your organisation’s course content can be hosted directly on our LMS. If designing eLearning courses is your requirement, then this can be achieved by utilising our bespoke content development service.