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IOSH Moving and Handling of People – Train the Trainer

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IOSH Moving and Handling of People – Train the Trainer

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5 Days


9.30am - 4.30pm


£550 (+VAT)

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This course is designed for experienced healthcare professionals such as Nurses, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, and Senior Care Staff who have significant experience moving and handling people as part of their roles.

As a guide we recommend at 2 plus years post registration for Nurses, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists, and 5 plus years relevant workplace experience for Senior Care Staff.

This ‘Trainer the Trainer’ course is not intended to teach basic moving and handling techniques, but rather to train individuals to become trainers in this area. Therefore, those attending must be competent in manual handling practical application and have experience in utilising a range of equipment such as hoists, slings, sliding sheet.

The attendees’ characteristics should align with those of an effective trainer. These skills include:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong organisational skills
  • Passion for learning
  • Innovation
  • High attention to detail
  • Knowledge and experience in healthcare settings

Participants must be physically fit to safely and effectively complete the practical components of the course.

Additionally, individuals must have access to the “Guide to the Handling of People,” 6th or 7th Edition, for use as a training aid and for continuous reference during their tenure as a trainer.

Missing Course Time or Failing Assessments

The following table outlines the circumstances, options, and associated costs for delegates who fail to complete the training or meet the assessment standards of the IOSH Moving and Handling of People – Train the Trainer course.

Circumstance Options Associated Cost
Written assessment fail The delegate must attend a HM centre for a 45-minute invigilated resit. This must be completed within 12 weeks of the start date of the course. No charge
Practical assessment fail If an alternative course is available within twelve weeks of the delegate failing the practical assessment, the delegate can attend days 4 and 5 of the alternative course for a second attempt. £195 (+VAT) charge to attend day 4 & 5 for additional training and reassessment.
Circumstance Options Associated Cost
Missed course time (<30 mins)

Excludes assessment time.
The trainer provides focused catch-up time in advance of assessments. No charge
Missed course time (>30 mins) The delegate is unable to continue the course. If an alternative course is available within twelve weeks of the delegate failing to fully attend, they can join this course from the same day they missed. No refund, £275 (+VAT) charge to attend day 4 & 5 of an alternative course.

FAQs about IOSH Moving and Handling of People – Train the Trainer

The Moving and Handling of People Train the Trainer course is an instructor course. It is appropriate for healthcare staff who wish to gain the necessary skills to deliver client handling training within the remit of their employment. Those who benefit most from having staff trained in this course are larger healthcare groups. This benefit maybe because they have difficulty engaging an external training provider due to the logistical challenges of having multiple, widespread locations.

Another institution type that benefits are healthcare agencies. They tend to have a high volume of new starts that they require trained at short notice. This high frequency of training is to aid them to place staff in employment in the healthcare sector. This course can provide such organisations with time efficiencies and financial savings. The alternative approach would be outsourcing patient handling training to a third-party training provider.

This highly-recognised healthcare instructor course is in high demand. The demand is testimony to its ability to successfully upskill healthcare workers in Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, and Wales to deliver high-quality moving and handling of people training to colleagues, all whilst maintaining safety standards.

The moving and handling of people instructor course content combines the perfect blend of context providing theory and skill developing practical application.

The course is divided in six modules, these being as follows:

  • Legislation & Accountability
  • Anatomy of Spine and Biomechanics
  • Risk Assessment – An Ergonomic Approach
  • Principles of Safer Handling
  • Presentation Skills & Delivery of a Session
  • Safer People Handling

We assess the Moving and Handling of People Train the Trainer in two ways. Firstly, via an end of course written assessment and then a micro-teaching session observation, which involves demonstrating a moving and handling technique.

Delegates are provided with 45 minutes to complete the written aspect. This assessment will take place under strict closed book examination conditions. Individuals are required to prepare for the practical element during self-directed learning hours. They will deliver this during a 15-minute slot on the final day of the course.

Instructors deliver The IOSH Moving and Handling of People Train the Trainer training in 4 or 5 full days. It can take place in the classroom or online. Instructors can substitute some theory delivery time with a Zoom, WebEx or Microsoft Teams lecture.

This IOSH course is intended solely for healthcare staff. The types of workers who wish to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out their own in–house training. The course is appropriate for experienced healthcare professionals such as nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and senior care staff working in varying health and social care settings.

The moving and handling of people is often a daily task for many working within a healthcare setting. Therefore, these people must recognise that poor manual handling techniques can lead to severe and debilitating injuries. To help safeguard against this outcome, those who undertake such manoeuvres must be appropriately trained. Such training will help ensure the health and safety of themselves, their colleagues and those they support.

Health and safety legislation requires employers to ensure that employees are trained. They need to be skilled in techniques that can safeguard the health and safety of themselves and others. Those who undertake this moving and handling instructor course will have an enhanced level of expertise. They will be able to support, guide, train and supervise others who are less experienced.

This course provides individuals with the skills to improve the moving and handling safety standards at work. Therefore, potentially contributing to the creation of a happier, healthier, and safer health and social care setting.