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FAQs about Health & Safety eLearning Training Courses

An eLearning course is a structured learning intervention or experience delivered electronically. This learning method is self-paced, meaning the delegate can complete the content at a pace and at times that best suit them or their employer.
Employees are allocated unique login credentials to a learning management system that hosts the health and safety eLearning content. This portal structures the interactive content, facilitating the delegate to complete the learning in a coordinated way.

eLearning provides a powerful form of learning that suits many employees learning styles. It is accepted standalone or as a blended learning framework for many health and safety compliance training courses. Fire safety eLearning courses are among the most popular eLearning offerings due to employers’ ability to roll them out across a spanning workplace, with large numbers of employees, at the click of a button. Employers can use courses like this or others such as manual handling eLearning to contribute to meeting their health and safety legislative requirements.

Higher-level health and safety courses such as the NEBOSH General Certificate, IOSH Managing Safety or IOSH Safety for Executives & Directors courses are accepted in their eLearning form. These courses are ideal for busy employees and managers who are unable to spare large chunks of time out of the office sitting in a classroom learning via the traditional face to face method. Instead, senior managers and others can complete NEBOSH eLearning courses or IOSH eLearning courses at a pace and at times that suit the operational needs of their organisations. eLearning also provides a training method that can help facilitate a positive work-life balance.

There is nothing in health and safety legislation that states a requirement or a preference for a specific training delivery method. However, some clients, employers, contractors, or associations may outline a need for a particular training scheme and delivery method.

Workplace health and safety training is a legal requirement. eLearning courses are a valuable tool for employers wishing to meet their legislative responsibility to ensure those they employ are adequately informed, instructed and trained. From operative to senior executive and director level, every employee can benefit from undertaking health and safety compliance eLearning training courses. These courses can help inform employees of their responsibilities and new procedures or raise awareness of the hazards present in the workplace.

The type of health and safety eLearning course most appropriate for you depends on your responsibilities and the hazards and level of risk you are exposed to at work.

When considering responsibilities, first aiders within an organisation would benefit from undertaking a first aid eLearning course as part of their initial, requalification or update training. Additionally, DSE users or assessors can obtain crucial information on how to execute a DSE risk assessment by completing the DSE assessor eLearning course. Finally, suppose your employer requires you to assume the responsibility of the fire warden. In that case, the fire warden eLearning course will provide you with clarity on the role and expectations placed on you in the event of a workplace evacuation.

When considering hazards and risks, short courses such as manual handling, fire safety, asbestos legionella or COSHH eLearning courses can be valuable training to raise awareness. Delegates can then gain an insight into how employers control the health and safety risks presented by hazards.

IOSH eLearning courses cater perfectly to employees across the entire workplace spectrum. The IOSH working safety eLearning course provides an excellent introduction to health and safety for entry-level employees with no managerial responsibilities. For supervisors and mid-managers, the IOSH Managing Safely eLearning is ideal. It clarifies health and safety managerial responsibilities and guides how best to manage risk using a health and safety management system. For top-level employees such as senior management team members, directors and CEOs, the IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors eLearning course is excellent for clarifying responsibilities, liability and the duty of care owed to those under their direction in the workplace.

Health Matters are a leading provider of high-quality IOSH eLearning courses worldwide. These online eLearning courses are popular in the UK, Ireland, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. This popularity is due to the ability to undertake distance learning. Key to the popularity of our IOSH eLearning products is their modern and interactive interface. In addition, the courses have only recently been developed using the latest eLearning software resulting in training products that exceed the quality provided by our competitors.
Health Matters has a significant portfolio of NEBOSH eLearning products. Our NEBOSH eLearning courses are recognised worldwide due to their high quality and user experience levels. Countries that regard NEBOSH eLearning products as the gold standard in self-directed learning include the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, and the Middle East.
Health Matters have an extensive portfolio of short awareness level health and safety eLearning courses. These learning interventions are appropriate for all workplaces, except for our specialist collection of healthcare eLearning courses suitable only for those employees working within a healthcare setting. All eLearning courses can be undertaken by employees located anywhere in the world. However, the legislation and best practice detailed within the course’s content is based on that of Great Britain, Northern Ireland, and Ireland.
eLearning course duration varies based on the type of course. For example, delegates can complete short awareness level courses such as fire safety eLearning in 90 minutes. In contrast, the time investment required for a NEBOSH General eLearning course could exceed 100 hours.
The cost of a health and safety eLearning course is dependent on the type and level of the course. For example, a manual handling eLearning course starts at £25 per person. In contrast, the NEBOSH International Certificate eLearning and IOSH Managing Safely eLearning courses are priced in the hundreds. Please check the course profiles above to obtain an accurate cost for a health and safety eLearning course. It is important to remember that price is not always indicative of quality. However, with Health Matters, you can be confident that you will be purchasing the highest quality health and safety eLearning courses available on the market.
Compliance eLearning courses are essential as they are often a legal requirement. Organisations that invest in health and safety training for their employees are more likely to meet the requirements of health and safety legislation. They will also help ensure that their employees are adequately informed, enabling them to better safeguard themselves and others from the risks presented by workplace hazards.