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IOSH Leading Safely Course

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IOSH Leading Safely Course


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FAQs about IOSH Leading Safely Course

The IOSH Leading Safely training course is aimed at top-level management. It is recognised in every industry worldwide. The course covers what business leaders need to know to improve health and safety standards within their workplaces.

This content equips business leaders with crucial tools to improve employee productivity and increase profit margins. In addition, it can aid them to enhance the business's reputation among clients and prospective clients.

Many businesses choose this highly recognised course to ensure their senior management team are aware of their legal and moral responsibilities. It can also aid the development of a positive safety culture through active health and safety management using a top-down approach.

The course explores the risks related to noncompliance. As well as that, it considers how the senior management team's decisions impact overall health and safety performance.

The IOSH Leading Safely course content was designed by business leaders who have 'walked the walk' in conjunction with health and safety professionals. This approach ensures that the programme adds real value and provides those in attendance with practical take-away actions to implement in their organisations.

Contained within the content are the following five key elements:

  • Why Leadership is Important
  • Leadership characteristics and Essential Principles
  • The Broader Context
  • Your Journey to Compliance & Beyond
  • Action Planning

One of the course's unique features is the ability for attending senior managers to benchmark their current performance and future vision against recognised models of safety. In addition, these delegates are also exposed to examples of good practice through exploring case studies relating to leading organisations worldwide.

The IOSH Leading Safely training course is assessed using an online diagnostic tool. Delegates will have to access it via an app. It measures their current safety and health performance against a set of questions. The software then provides a suggestion as to the actions they should take.

On completion of the course, the senior managers must commit to a personalised action plan. The intended outcome of this plan is an improvement in the performance of the safety and health management system within their workplaces.

It involves four to five taught hours, typically delivered in one single day. The content can be covered offline in the classroom or online via Zoom, WebEx or Microsoft Teams. IOSH Leading Safely online has become a popular delivery method. This popularity is due to the time savings it offers senior management, who work within time-limited roles.

The IOSH Leading Safely course is ideal for anyone within a senior management position. For example, senior executives, directors and board members. These people have the scope to bring about positive health and safety culture and management change.

Health and safety professionals and practitioners often choose the course for their senior management team. This decision is due to the programme's heavy emphasis on top-line legislative responsibilities and the potential consequences of noncompliance. This course can boost the business case for workplace health and safety by bringing about positive safety cultural change at the senior management level.

Those who obtain the IOSH Leading Safely training course gain a mandatory component of the Construction Skills Certification Schemes (CSCS) and Constructions Skills Registers (CSR) Black Card – Senior Manager and Academically Qualified Person (AQP) card requirements.

Good health and safety performance comes from the top down. Senior management team members must recognise that they have individual responsibilities for health and safety. This recognition should prompt them to individually and collectively examine their behaviours. This action will help determine if they fall short of the standards required. This self-reflection aids senior managers to bring about change, thus becoming more effective leaders in health and safety.

The IOSH Leading Safely training course is important as it provides the basis for measurement. In addition, it outlines the standards that senior managers must meet. This way, senior managers can become aware of their failings. As a result, they are more likely to commit to changing their behaviours and implementing positive change. This action will improve the health and safety management systems within their businesses.

Upon completing this IOSH training course, senior managers should understand why they need to act. In addition, they will recognise the essential principles of solid leadership and understand the reasons for managing health and safety and the consequences of not. Finally, they will understand how to address health and safety, thus enabling them to draft a health and safety leadership action plan.